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Variables **Under Construction**

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(Note2: this page is in its beginning stages - feel free to add / edit it, especially under the Good Uses of different types of variables)

Variables in the Builder

Variables are the lifeblood of programming. They are used to track progress of the player, interaction with the zones and items, timers, and just about everything else. They are linked almost inextricably with Expressions.

To add or edit a variable, begin by choosing Variables from the main tabs. This will display a list of existing variables, along with a link to their properties, and a brief description of that variable. To add a new variable, type the name of the variable in the text box and click ADD.

Variables are NOT visible to the player in any form. That does not make the description any less important. The description is a good way for you to track the function of each variable. If you only have a few variables, it might be simple to keep track of them with very little thought, but if you have more than two variables, it is highly recommended to use detailed descriptions.

Variable Properties

The properties you define for variables determine the functions of those variables. The importance of good description has already been mentioned above, but the other properties are the lifeblood of the variables.


There are three different types of variables, and they all serve different purposes. The types of variables are detailed below, including Strings, Numbers, and Flags.


If you want your variable to include letters and numbers, like a password, you want your variable to be a string. Strings can include ANY character you can insert on your keyboard, but keep in mind that non normal characters (like symbols, etc) may be too complex for many wherigo compatible devices. Keeping your string short, with only letters and numbers (and possibly a space or two) is the best option for strings.

  • Good strings: 12345, abcde, 1b3d5, password, lamp post caches.
  • Bad strings: π7/>1, 1 4 s f 7 9 q, the entirety of text contained on this page

The best use for the STRING variable is in passwords that include letters.


If you want your variable to include only whole numbers, the Number variable is your best option. Numbers do not include decimals, or negative numbers - only integers from 0 to as high as you want to make it.

There are many good uses for the number variable. They include (but are NOT limited to):

  • tracking your progress (by incrementing the variable at each stage)
  • number code passwords

Note that the call of IncrementVariable ONLY works with number variables.


Flags are the true / false, yes / no variables. They can be set to TRUE or FALSE, and nothing more.

The best uses for flag variables include (but are not limited to):

  • showing a message only ONCE (such as upon entering a zone)
  • checking if the player has completed a certain event (like talking to a character)
  • checking if a timer has started / finished / etc
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