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Earwigo, the Wherigo™ Web Builder

Earwigo Documents

  • First cartridge - a short, very basic cartridge that you can adapt to your needs. Warning: quick and dirty!
  • Demo cartridges - Look at our demo cartridges to learn, get new ideas or to solve a problem that you have.
  • FAQ - Tips and tricks that might come in handy when you work on a cartridge. This section contains the device compatibility guide.
  • Earwigo Tab Reference - this section lists all tabs of the editor (for example Character, Zone, …) and has information about all the settings and options of each individual tab. Use this reference to find out what a specific option does.
  • Cartridge management explains the cartridge management portion of Earwigo. You will find information related to starting, importing, back-up, compiling, …, cartridges. You should have a look at this before you start to edit your first own cartridge.
  • User Manual - the current (short) user manual, with information about Earwigo and the WWB concept.
  • Translating Earwigo tells you how you can help to translate Earwigo into a new language, or maintain and update an existing translation.
  • The Wherigo Wiki is a Wiki that deals with the structure of the Wherigo. If you have questions how to use features in the Groundspeak builder or what certain features are ment to do, check out the Builder section of the Wherigo Wiki.


If you intend to become a Wiki author this page about DokuWiki will be useful for you.

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