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Getting Started


Earwigo is a web based solution that needs no download ;-). Once you are registered for Earwigo, you just go to the Earwigo web page and login. Read on to learn how to get an account.

Account Creation

Earwigo accounts are currently created by sending an email to the creator of the project. To get an account, you must write a short note to sTeamTraen (Nick) via the website. If you are truly willing to read the manual and/or if you have previous programming experience Nick will normally not turn you down.

Note that Earwigo is not a “magic bullet” or a “Wherigo creation wizard”. If you have (a) never attempted to use the Groundspeak builder and (b) little experience with “computer stuff”, this may not be the right tool for you. Earwigo is intended to make the process of writing a cartridge easier and more reliable than the alternative, but it does not remove the need for you to understand the basic concepts (Tasks, Zones, Events, etc).

Next step

Once you've got an account, you'll be ready to Create your first cartridge

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