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This Page allows you to configure your Earwigo account.


Type in your username to log in.

Current password

Type in your password to log in

New password

Enter a new password if you want to change your password.

Confirm new password

Repeat your new password to avoid spelling mistakes.

Log me in automatically each time

Enable this option if that is your wish.

E-mail address

Your E-mail contact information.


Select your language.

Units of measurement

Metric or statute?

Size of object type icons on tabs

This setting controls the icon size on the Earwigo Editor tabs. 32×32 is recommended.

Warn about device compatibility issues

This is a very useful option that tells Earwigo to show you a warning whenever you start to implement a function that will not work on all Wherigo players (there are currently 5 players). Disable this option only if you can guarantee that your cartridge will only be played on one player type.

Number of cartridges allowed

This is a system setting that you can not change. The typical number of cartridges is currently 5.

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