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 +==== Fixing the map API incompatibility ====
 +This fix is necessary for all systems (until Groundspeak repairs the map API entry). ​
 +In order to fix this issues you have to exchange two files in the Wherigo builder folder (c:​\programs(x86)\Groundspeak\Wherigo\Builder)
 +Exchange the map.html file with [[http://​​map_fix/​|one that works with the Google API]] from [[http://​​GC/​index.php?​showtopic=267822&​view=findpost&​p=5275813|this post]]. ​
 +If you follow the link you will get a zip-file that has 3 zip-files in it. I suggest to use Copy the two files contained in to the Wherigo builder folder.
 +Should you receive an error message during your download attempt, you need to log in to the Groundspeak forum. An option to do so is provided on the error page.
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