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Cartridges **Under Construction**

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Cartridge Tab in the Builder

(Brief explanation of the cartridge tab)


The Name section shows the current name of the cartridge. Since we are working on the cartridge “Tiny Adventure”, this is the name that you see in this section.

The cartridge is set to Visible by default. I do not think that this has an effect in the current Wherigo players but in general this property makes sure the cartridge is displayed by the Wherigo player.

Use logging when playing cartridge saves a log of the players progress through the cartridge for debugging. We do not need this option during the tutorial.

Obfuscate Strings is used to “scramble” the characters in the Wherigo cartridge. This might be necessary because the normal cartridge file contains all text files in readable format. If the solution to your cartridge is contained in the cartridge text, you might want to obfuscate the cartridge's strings. Since this (totally lua compatible) option poses the risk that the cartridge might not play on some players I try to conceal the cartridge secrets by other means. I do for example really like to ask the human player things like “What 5 digit number do you see at this location?” It is quite hard to find the answer to this kind of question without going to the actual location 8-). But as said earlier, the Obfuscate option invokes a perfectly legal lua subroutine and it works well. I have not yet heard any complaints about it.

Prevent cartridge from running in emulator is a really useful function that detects the Groundspeak emulator (a tool that you can use to play a cartridge on google maps). The function displays a warning message and closes the cartridge when it detects the emulator. Use this option if you want to avoid that people solve your cartridge on the sofa ^_^. This option is similar to the obfuscate string option. It is perfectly legal in the lua world but some Wherigo players might not like it. I personally prefer the “5 digit trick”.

Make sure to enable the Upload media file check mark. This option allows you to upload graphics directly from your computer to the Earwigo server. This is the most convenient way to work with graphics.

Allow other users to edit cartridge offers the opportunity to develop a cartridge in a team. If this option is enabled you can send the link to the cartridge to your buddy and have him work on the same cartridge. A good team combination would e.g. be the code crunching lua programmer and the well spoken story teller. We will not use this option during the tutorial. Side Note: Don't use this option to “donate” your cartridge. If you want to “donate” your cartridge to someone in another country and allow him to set up a copy of your cartridge in his country, you should send him a backup cartridge. He will be able to upload the backup to his account.

Always set a Starting location for your cartridge. This value determines where the cartridge is placed until it is opened (in other words, this is where other people will see your cartridge on a map). This value is also essential for the functionality of the WWB “Zones”. All zones will automatically be created at this location until you specify more precise coordinates. If no “Starting location” is specified, new zones can not be created.

You might want to set the Activity type of your cartridge to an appropriate value. I don't know what effect this value might have but why take chances ;-).


(Explanation of events tab, with a few examples?)

Author Script

(Explanation of author script, with common examples?)


(Explanation of map)

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