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 +==== Fixing the 64 bit incompatibility ====
 +This fix is necessary for systems that run a 64 bit windows system (candidates are Vista, Windows7, Windows8, ...). You can check your system version by following the instructions on [[http://​​en-hk/​windows-vista/​32-bit-and-64-bit-windows-frequently-asked-questions|this page]] (second option down).
 +In order to fix this issues you have to exchange a files in the Wherigo builder folder (c:​\programs(x86)\Groundspeak\Wherigo\Builder)
 +Exchange the Wherigo.exe file with a [[http://​​GC/​index.php?​app=core&​module=attach&​section=attach&​attach_id=106|version that is 64 bit compatible]] from [[http://​​GC/​index.php?​showtopic=212622&​view=findpost&​p=3840336|this post]]. You will receive a zipped file that contains the Wherigo.exe. ​
 +Should you receive an error message during your download attempt, you need to log in to the Groundspeak forum. An option to do so is provided on the error page.
 +    ​
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