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 +====== The var_ prefix ======
 +You have to create the variable (money in our example) in Earwigo before you can use it. Use the Variable tab in Earwigo to create your variable.
 +Note that if a variable is called "​money"​ in the Earwigo editor screen, it will be called "​var_money"​ in the Lua code. That's to prevent people who don't know much about Lua accidentally picking a variable name like "​if"​ or "​end"​ and causing all kinds of mayhem with the compiler.
 +The prefix "​var_",​ which is prepended to each variable name, is on the Cartridge/​Properties tab, under "​Variable name prefix"​. You can set it be empty, if you want. Just don't complain when your cartridge'​s variables redefine major globals or clash with keywords. We suggest to use the var_ prefix to stay out of trouble.
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