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 +===== My Account =====
 +This Page allows you to configure your Earwigo account.
 +=== Username ===
 +Type in your username to log in.
 +=== Current password ===
 +Type in your password to log in
 +=== New password ===
 +Enter a new password if you want to change your password.
 +=== Confirm new password ===
 +Repeat your new password to avoid spelling mistakes.
 +=== Log me in automatically each time ===
 +Enable this option if that is your wish.
 +=== E-mail address ===
 +Your E-mail contact information.
 +=== Language ===
 +Select your language.
 +=== Units of measurement ===
 +Metric or statute?
 +=== Size of object type icons on tabs ===
 +This setting controls the icon size on the Earwigo Editor tabs. 32x32 is recommended.
 +=== Warn about device compatibility issues ===
 +This is a very useful option that tells Earwigo to show you a warning whenever you start to implement [[tips_and_tricks#​How to make sure your cartridge works for all players|a function that will not work on all Wherigo players]] (there are currently 5 players). Disable this option only if you can guarantee that your cartridge will only be played on one player type.
 +=== Number of cartridges allowed ===
 +This is a system setting that you can not change. The typical number of cartridges is currently 5. 
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