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 +====== Getting Started======
 +===== Download =====
 +Earwigo is a web based solution that needs no download ;-). Once you are registered for Earwigo, you just go to the Earwigo web page and login. Read on to learn how to get an account.
 +===== Account Creation =====
 +Earwigo accounts are currently created by sending an email to the creator of the project. To get an account, you must write a short note to [[http://​​profile/?​guid=ce68097b-334e-440f-9aec-b66b4c386cf2|sTeamTraen]] (Nick) via the website. If you are truly willing to read the manual and/or if you have previous programming experience Nick will normally not turn you down.
 +Note that Earwigo is not a "magic bullet"​ or a "​Wherigo creation wizard"​. ​ If you have (a) never attempted to use the Groundspeak builder and (b) little experience with "​computer stuff",​ this may not be the right tool for you.  Earwigo is intended to make the process of writing a cartridge easier and more reliable than the alternative,​ but it does not remove the need for you to understand the basic concepts (Tasks, Zones, Events, etc).
 +===== Next step =====
 +Once you've got an account, you'll be ready to [[Create your first cartridge]]
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